Brain-Body Connection

The Central Nervous System is made up of your brain and spinal cord. At the core of this system is the Cervical Spine (neck) that connects the brain to the rest of your body.

Think of the brain as a computer and your spinal cord as the wired connection to the body. If there were a kink in the cord or a complete disconnect, the body would not get the message transmitted from the brain, in other words, your body will not be functioning at its greatest potential.

The top 2 vertebrae in the neck are known as the Atlas and Axis; they are located directly below the skull and serves to protect the base of your brain, referred to as the Brain Stem. A misalignment of these vertebrae will have a negative effect on the function of EVERY ORGAN & CELL IN YOUR BODY.

The Cervical Spine should have curve between 39-45 degrees. This curve is visible through a lateral x-ray of the neck. Neurosurgeons and Chiropractors alike call this curve “The Arc of Life”. Any loss of curvature less than 39 degrees is considered a severe neurological problem because it pulls down the base of your brain (Brain Stem), it stretches your spinal cord, and compresses the nerves extending to your arms, organs, legs, and toes. Loss of the vital “Arc of Life” will lead to an accelerated rate of spinal decay and degeneration (Arthritis).

The body is designed to heal itself under the correct conditions. By EASING your brain, brain stem, and spinal cord of any tension caused by a misaligned spine and a reduction in curvature, the Brain-Body connection can be restored and every cell and organ in your body begin to heal and function as originally intended.

To regain a fully functioning Brain-Body connection, Specific Chiropractic adjustments are essential, along with daily simple exercises.

***Remember, Health is NOT about how you FEEL, Health is about how well you FUNCTION. The Brain, Brain Stem, Spinal Cord, and Nerves control function. Staying in alignment is key to relieving symptoms and living a FULL LIFE.***