Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care

Less Drugs & Hospital Visits

Patients who went to D.C.’s as their primary care providers experienced:

43% reduction in hospital admissions

52% reduction in pharmaceutical costs

43% fewer outpatient surgeries and procedures


Better Sleep

Reduced mobility creates a stress response process that unbalances the body and does not let the body function at ease.

One research study shows:

32% of patients reported improvement in their sleep pattern immediately after their chiropractic adjustment.


Stronger Immune System

One study shows:

Chiropractic patients were shown to have a 200% greater immune competence than people who had not received chiropractic care.


Less Pain & Headaches

A classic study of patients with migraines:

Approximately 81% of females and 62% of males showed improvement, for an average of 71% improvement form chiropractic care

In other studies, chiropractic care worked as well as medication in preventing headaches.







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Is your Smart Phone bad for you?

Is your Smart Phone bad for you?

Our mobile devices are a modern convenience for our busy lives. We can connect with millions of people at a touch of our fingertips. However, with all the convenience, there comes a disadvantage to our health.

As more and more people adopt smart phones and tablets we enter the era of a Text Neck Epidemic. The overuse of these devices affects all ages, races, sexes, social classes, EVERYBODY!

Text neck results in a harmful physical condition that puts pressure on your cervical spine and severely reduces nerve impulses to the rest of your body.

This is a real health condition that degenerates the cervical spine from repeated stress of forward head flexion while looking down at the screen of your mobile device for long periods.

Americans spend an average of 2.7 hours per day communicating on their mobile devices and even more hours per day browsing the Internet and using apps.

Looking down at your screens repeatedly for hours a day will physically change your cervical spine by affecting the curve, ligaments, tendons, muscles, vertebrae, and discs in the neck. A postural change will become noticeable over time.

Patients often complain of pain in the neck, shoulders, back, arms, elbows, wrists, and fingers. They also complain of headaches and numbness/tingling in their upper extremities.


If we leave this trend untreated it can lead to serious and permanent damage such as:

  1. Spinal degeneration
  2. Spinal misalignment
  3. Disc herniation
  4. Disc compression
  5. Arthritis
  6. Muscle damage
  7. Nerve damage
  8. Gastrointestinal Problems
  9. Decrease in Lung volume capacity

The Remedy

Simply be mindful about your use. Put down the phone and tablet, stretch, and see your chiropractor regularly.   

True Health

Health Defined:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being & not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
— The World Health Organization (W.H.O.)

As the world continues to be disappointed with our current level of health, more and more people are beginning to doubt the traditional medical model and turn towards alternative methods.

We have seen countless amounts of diets, positive attitude books, products, exercise fads, & vitamins being sold within the scope of “Health & Wellness’’ but we are becoming more overweight, sick, tired and unhappy as levels of preventable disease continue to devastate our population.

We live in world where instant gratification is superior to waiting, hence our smart phones, fast foods, fast acting pain relievers. This has become our culture. We all seek to be healthy, but our actions do not support the idea.


True Health Defined

To achieve true health, we must change our thinking and change our cultural standard to maintaining actions that maximize our life from inside-out rather than outside-in.

We must create an environment that allows peace of mind; it must allow our body to function with ease. New discoveries in scientific research now show that our inborn power to heal is far more powerful than anything we can make in a laboratory.

The solution lies in taking ownership of our health and wellbeing. To become truly healthy, we must be proactive rather than reactive. True health does not work to eliminate disease, rather it builds the body’s’ defenses. True health allows the body to restore balance and vitality from the inside-out.


How do I achieve True Health?

  1. See the good in all situations by maintaining a positive mindset

  2. Engage in physical activity daily

  3. Regularly eat nutrient rich foods

  4. Maintain a fully functioning Nervous System through Chiropractic Care

Our Sugar Epidemic


  • The majority of sugars consumed in the American diet are those added to foods & drinks and often times, get overseen by the average consumer.
  • Sugar is extremely cheap and addictive, which is why we find it in almost every packaged food found in your local grocery store.
  • Sugar contributes to the process of Cancer, increases Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes.


A great Infographic provided by

The facts:

1. Sugar is the #1 dietary cause of Heart Disease and Obesity (seen in the form of             carbohydrates)

2. Sugar causes metabolic & hormonal imbalances leading to premature aging and             disease.

3. Sugar intake increases acidity of the body (Acidic=Cancer)

4. Sugar causes Inflammation (98% of diseases have inflammation as a precursor)

5. Sugar causes your body to work harder than it needs to (more energy is used to             manage sugar than what the body benefits from it.)

6. The average American consumes 27 teaspoons of sugar per day (The American Heart Association recommends no more than 9.5 teaspoons per day)



All white & brown breads, rice, and pastas break down into simple sugar that your body would normally use for energy. Since we consume unnatural amounts of sugar each day (often unknown), our body stores the sugar as FAT, leading to weight gain and a host of associated health issues.


What can I do?

Be mindful when choosing packaged foods by looking at the INGREDIENTS list. Sugar is often listed as:

Anhydrous dextrose, brown sugar, cane crystals, cane sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, crystal dextrose, evaporated cane juice, fructose sweetener, fruit juice concentrates, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, liquid fructose, malt syrup, maple syrup, molasses, pancake syrup, raw sugar, sugar, syrup, fructose, lactose and maltose, carbitol, concentrated fruit juice, corn sweetener, diglycerides, disaccharides, evaporated cane juice, erythritol, Florida crystals, fructooligosaccharides, galactose, glucitol, glucoamine, hexitol, inversol, isomalt, maltodextrin, malted barley, malts, mannitol, nectars, pentose, raisin syrup, ribose rice syrup, rice malt, rice syrup solids, sorbitol, sorghum, sucanat, sucanet, xylitol and zylose.

The best defense from eating abnormal amounts of sugar is to understand that most packaged foods contain sugar in some form, mainly for enhanced flavor and shelf life. By taking control of your diet through cooking your own food and making constructive dietary choices, you can prevent many of the diseases listed above.



Health & pH Balance

Do you know how acidic or alkaline your body is? What affects the body’s pH? Well, pH refers to how acidic or alkaline your body, food, or a substance is. This one measure affects your body’s ability to heal itself; it can mean the difference between a life of vitality or disease. Yes, it’s absolutely crucial for health and wellbeing. 

The body strives to survive. Even in the worst conditions the body will attempt to balance its pH. An overly acidic body is a haven for diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, weight problems, allergies, fatigue, premature aging, nervous system problems, and cardiovascular system problems.


“All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen - a rule without exception”... Deprive a cell of 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.”
— Dr. Otto Warburg, The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Cell Physiology

Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for  proving that cancer can not survive in an alkaline, oxygen rich environment, but thrives in an acidic, low oxygen environment.


Water is neutral at a pH of 7, anything below is acidic and anything higher is alkaline.  The human body is an acid-making machine, so the ideal range in the body is between 6.0 and 6.8.

We have to regularly consume alkalizing foods in order to assist our body in achieving a balance. We get this from natural fruits and vegetables. Stress disrupts this balance also. When we get stressed, we breathe shallower, meaning we hold in more acidic carbon dioxide and take in less neutralizing oxygen. 

By regularly eating alkalizing foods and practicing deep breathing we can achieve an internal environment that is strong and vibrant.

***pH test strips are affordable and easily available for you to use in the comfort of your home.***

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Brain-Body Connection

The Central Nervous System is made up of your brain and spinal cord. At the core of this system is the Cervical Spine (neck) that connects the brain to the rest of your body.

Think of the brain as a computer and your spinal cord as the wired connection to the body. If there were a kink in the cord or a complete disconnect, the body would not get the message transmitted from the brain, in other words, your body will not be functioning at its greatest potential.

The top 2 vertebrae in the neck are known as the Atlas and Axis; they are located directly below the skull and serves to protect the base of your brain, referred to as the Brain Stem. A misalignment of these vertebrae will have a negative effect on the function of EVERY ORGAN & CELL IN YOUR BODY.

The Cervical Spine should have curve between 39-45 degrees. This curve is visible through a lateral x-ray of the neck. Neurosurgeons and Chiropractors alike call this curve “The Arc of Life”. Any loss of curvature less than 39 degrees is considered a severe neurological problem because it pulls down the base of your brain (Brain Stem), it stretches your spinal cord, and compresses the nerves extending to your arms, organs, legs, and toes. Loss of the vital “Arc of Life” will lead to an accelerated rate of spinal decay and degeneration (Arthritis).

The body is designed to heal itself under the correct conditions. By EASING your brain, brain stem, and spinal cord of any tension caused by a misaligned spine and a reduction in curvature, the Brain-Body connection can be restored and every cell and organ in your body begin to heal and function as originally intended.

To regain a fully functioning Brain-Body connection, Specific Chiropractic adjustments are essential, along with daily simple exercises.

***Remember, Health is NOT about how you FEEL, Health is about how well you FUNCTION. The Brain, Brain Stem, Spinal Cord, and Nerves control function. Staying in alignment is key to relieving symptoms and living a FULL LIFE.*** 

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

We’ve all heard that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, I’d like to think they meant Apple Cider Vinegar. For hundreds of years apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been used for a variety of health ailments ranging from allergies to improving diabetes. The functional compounds found in ACV are acetic acid, magnesium, potassium, enzymes & probiotics.

The most up to date research shows that ACV has been linked to curing high blood pressure, improving diabetes, acid reflux, and even supporting weight loss.

ACV contains over 90 nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, chlorine, iron, copper, sodium, and fluorine just to name a few.  ACV is jam packed with vitamin C, along with vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, and vitamin E.


ACV actively detoxifies your body by cleaning out the liver and draining the lymphatic system. It neutralizes the body’s pH and helps to stimulate the cardiovascular system as well as improves bowel movements.

Acid Reflux & Heartburn  

ACV is packed with probiotics and enzymes that help to neutralize the body’s pH. By drinking 2 tablespoons of ACV 30 minutes before a meal (diluted in 8 ounces of water or not) it helps to increase the gastric juices used to break down food in your stomach, which prevents acid reflux and heartburn.

Sinus Issues

ACV is known to break down mucus and clear out the sinuses.  It supports lymphatic drainage and immune function.

Cold & Sore Throat

Because ACV is loaded with vitamins and probiotics, it is used as a cold and sore throat remedy and does it FAST!

Lower Blood Pressure

ACV has been proven through scientific research to lower triglycerides in the blood as well as lower blood pressure.

Improve Diabetes

 Medical research proves that the active ingredient in ACV, acetic acid, can regulate blood sugar and improve diabetes.

Weight Loss

ACV is known to reduce sugar cravings. A study done by the Journal of Diabetes Care stated that ACV could promote weight loss. According to another study, test subjects lost 10% body fat under an ACV regimen.

Kills Candida (Yeast)

The effects of candida and yeast are bad breath UTI’s, lack of energy, and many digestive problems. ACV is known to promote the killing off of candida and yeast within the body, hence alleviating these issues. 

***This is not a comprehensive list of ACV benefits, there are many more****